How to Increase Conversion Using ClickFunnels​

Want your business to thrive and succeed in the long run? The answer may lie in your landing page. Getting your landing page to increase conversions is essential for your bottom line.

If your landing pages aren’t converting, your business probably won’t make it very far. Fortunately, there are solutions available for your business. 

Creating specialized landing pages known as ClickFunnels can help turn your online business around. What is a ClickFunnel exactly? It’s a landing page that capitalizes on specific marketing methods.

These marketing methods can turn the curiousity of potential customers into paid sales for you and your company. Using these sales tools effectively can help you stay ahead of the competition and retarget visitors who may not be ready to make a purchase yet.

ClickFunnels can be used in conjunction with social media marketing or paid placements. Regardless of how you choose to roll you your ClickFunnels, these marketing tools can help you increase your online sales and advertising ROI

Read on to learn more about how you can increase conversion by using ClickFunnels. Your business will thank you.

How to Increase Conversion Using ClickFunnels

Landing pages that aren’t converting are toxic for your business. Promoting a bad landing page is like throwing your money into a garbage can. If you’re paying for online ads and not optimizing your pitch, you’re wasting your money.

Landing pages that don’t engage your audience leave little incentive for sales. You’ve lost the chance for a first impression. Your disappointed audience closes the window. Their likely next step will be continuing their search somewhere else.

Turning off your audience doesn’t just mean losing a potential sale. This can mean handing your potential profit to a competitor. Giving away business doesn’t just mean your loss.

Any potential gains that are given away to competitors can create even more competition within your industry. The more sales your rivals make, the more they will dominate. This could even lead to a boost in their ad budgets, which could make your product even more difficult to find in the long run. 

So the question is, how can you build a successful landing page that converts? How can you improve your company’s existing landing pages increase its conversion?

Look to Industry Leaders for Pointers

There are many industry leaders that can help us recognize our own shortcomings. This isn’t a bad thing. Learning from industry leaders is a hardly a humbling experience.

Why? Because they’ve already taken the loss for you.

Translation: People who have become conversion pros have likely endured countless failures along the way. These industry leaders learned from their mistakes and fine-tuned their techniques by experimenting.

Why? Because they’ve already taken the loss for you.

Translation: People who have become conversion pros have likely endured countless failures along the way. These industry leaders learned from their mistakes and fine-tuned their techniques by experimenting.

Failed experiments don’t have to happen on your dime, so take the experience they offer into account. If you have a small business, you may not have the capital on-hand that allows you to make any mistakes at all.

Instead of throwing ideas against the wall to see what sticks. Save your money. Take the time to look for commonalities shared within successful ClickFunnels and implement the changes you see. These small tweaks or changes may make all the difference.

Industry leaders such as Russell Brunson have a spectacular way of building funnels. Among other industry leaders, he is known to create pages that generate previously unimaginable company profits.

Is he a mastermind? Or is there a formula that we all can follow get the same level of results? What commonalities do successful sales funnels share? How can we decipher this code and use this valuable information for ourselves?

Those who are experts in creating successful landing pages, don’t need much time to complete their work.  In less than an hour, it is possible to create a highly engaging landing page.

Finding the Missing Link

So what is the secret ingredient behind impressively designed pages? How does one draw visitors and create high conversions?

Understanding ClickFunnels is the key to conversion success. Unlike other landing page builder, it has tools to quickly build an entire sales funnel and make changes as quickly as necessary. Not many others can do so.

Making your business work for you is what conversions are meant for. Others may define it as where the magic happens. It is where all of your marketing efforts, designs, and overall development come together. You have to get your product’s mission statement to the masses. Having huge traffic doesn’t make sense if your sale wasn’t completed.

Everybody knows an increase in conversions in their landing pages as it means more money. This is because earning more money often requires casting a larger net to attract more clients. This is a strategic way to grow your business and create long-term clients. Boosting your landing pages conversions is the very essence of operating a profitable and an investment-worthy business venture.

Creating conversions may be easier said than done. Every business would be thriving if it was as easy as it sounds.

Traffic that fails to convert may cause a premature end to your business. So, in the interest of keeping your business alive, start from the beginning. You can help your business escape the same fate.

Nice to Meet You: Your First Customer Interaction

Your first interaction with the client begins the moment they visit your landing page. It’s a critical moment where they would get to know your business, your philosophy, what you’re promising and how much it’ll cost them.

Running ads are great in connecting your page to potential leads. However, once they arrive at your landing page, it is up to you to make the sale.

Start with a clearly defined headline of focus. Announce who you are as a company.

This is the very first thing that your customer will be reading. They may be glancing at included images, but your written word sets the tone. You create the expectation. 

Your headline should include three relevant elements. A strong hook, quality information, and the promise of adding value.

A smart way to make your headlines attract prospects is by making it bold. Pick a bold statement that makes sense is perfect for a headline. This should make clear what you’re offering.

You should take the time necessary to refine your offer, to ensure that your offer is relevant to your customer base. Capitalize on offering your customer something that they desire. This shouldn’t feel like a pitch.

While this should go without saying, it’s important that your landing page is easy to read. Don’t overwhelm a landing page with tons of text or difficult to read fonts. This can create a low-level of frustration that pushes the customer away.

Similarly, pages that house too much text can overwhelm the customer. If it’s essential that your landing page contains text, space it out. As a rule, don’t go more than a couple of sentences without using paragraph spacing.

This can help break up the content in a way that makes it easy to read and doesn’t make the user feel like he or she is committing to reading a term paper.

Your customer should feel lucky that they stumbled upon your landing page. After all, you are the only person that can offer them what they need. Let them know how many people have benefited from your product.

Social Proofing

Social proofing is the first basic step for building rapport with your leads. This means providing your potential customer with evidence to support your claims.

Potential clients want to know that they won’t be scammed by your company. Fortunately, providing this proof is easy, especially if your brand has a healthy social media following.

If you do have a healthy following, this could be as simple as bringing to their attention your massive Instagram followers. An example of this strategy in action would be to use copy such as, “We’ve already helped over 100,000 Instagram followers lose weight with our can’t miss tips!”.

If you don’t have a massive following in place, there are other ways to provide necessary social proof. If you choose to run Facebook ads, for example, you’ll have another opportunity.

Instead of starting a new campaign every time you decide to put ad dollars behind your campaign, recycle one that worked. This will enable you to keep the likes and comments that were previously left on the post.

When the ad runs again, you’ll be able to build on this social proof. Let the Call to Action in your post encourage users to visit your ClickFunnels landing page.

Positive comments left on your social media ads can help a customer feel safe enough to give your service a try. By contrast, losing this valuable social proofing can detract from the trust they associate with your brand.

Even the most perfect landing page can’t secure a sale 100% of the time. In which case, you should create retargeting strategies. Retargeting strategy helps turn potential leads into future customers.

You can do this by opening up a line of communication with the potential contact.

Create a clear call to action, but don’t remove the option of choice. If they aren’t ready to buy something immediately, don’t give up. Continue to add value and put in the necessary effort. 

Can’t Get a Sale? Get Their Email Instead

Not every ClickFunnel visitor will immediately cough up their hard earned money. Instead of hoping to change that, offer them something valuable for free.

That’s right, FREE. How can this help you convert your leads into valuable sales? 

Well, you can do this in a couple of ways. Giving away a free ebook in exchange for an email address gives you the opportunity to contact them again at a later time. 

By giving you permission to email them, you’ll have many chances to reach the potential customer and get the sale you were hoping for. Further, you’ll have a dedicated list of potential clients who have expressed a strong interest in your product.

Adding value to the customer’s life is one of the best ways to create a life-long client. When you give them something valuable for free, you give them so much more.

You’re giving them the opportunity to imagine. They’ll begin to imagine the wealth of information that your company has to share. They’ll wonder just how much your expertise can help them. 

Always keep the customer’s motivation in mind. Everyone wants to know what you can do for them. Let this serve as an opportunity to get your foot in the door.

You can view this as the kickstart to a reciprocal long term relationship. Because you have given them something of value without expecting anything in return, they will feel more inclined to purchase something from you in the future.

If you can’t make the sale, do the next best thing. Create a relationship with the customer by adding value to their lives. They’ll remember your company favorably and are likely to return.

How to Get the Help You Need

Get a partner. If you’re new to the world of e-commerce and ClickFunnels, having a mentor can be extremely important. If you aren’t lucky enough to know a sales funnel titan, getting outside help is still possible.

Affiliate marketing agencies and e-commerce specialists are well acquainted with how to add value to your clickfunnnel campaigns.

If you’re looking to up your online game and get a higher click thru rate and more online sales, visit our website for more. We provide great insight to help strengthen your online presence and send your sales through the roof.

Elias Crespo Molato

Elias Crespo Molato

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